Question How long does it takes to craft each collection?
AnswerIt depends on the delicacy and difficulty of each material used which could take from one month to one year.
Question Can we repeat the order on the collection piece that we want?
AnswerWe will try our best to make a repeat order. However, most of our collection piece are very unique and hand-crafted from high-graded gemstone so the limitation of our rough stone’s supply could might be difficult for repeating order.
Question How to visit our showroom?
AnswerPlease find the direction to our showroom in the “contact us” page
Question Do you ship to oversea?
AnswerYes we do. The term and agreement will be upon discussion.
Question What do most people buy our collection pieces for?
AnswerMost of our customers buy K de Craft’s collections for decorating their living and office location since all of our collections are very unique which could be a great conversation piece between you and your customers or guests. Also, our customer buy our collection as a present to their respectable ones since our product are one-of-a-kind which represents a great value to whoever receives the goods.


Also, the material used in our collections are gathered from natural resource in which they provide mentally healing process to the user.

Question Let us know via our contact channel if you need more information about our collection