Who is  K de Craft?

With more than 20 years of expertise in gemstone mining industry and devotion to search for rare and one-of-a-kind gemstones from different corners of the world, we have been greatly inspired to recreate what was given by nature into a state-of-arts collection piece. With the authenticity of each natural material used as part of our precious collections including the expertise from our highly dedicated crafters, we guarantee you as our value customers the deliverance of the most artisan yet precious collection under our brand called “KdeCraft”.

Our establishment

For more than two decades, we have traveled across the globe in search of valuable gemstones formed under diverse geographical environment, giving us the opportunity to make partners across the globe.

  • In 1980, being passionately inspired by the gemstone industry, our gemstone business was launched under a registered company called “T.C. Mining International”, a company that mainly focuses on gemstone & mining.
  • In 1981, Australia became our first mining source upon the discovery of high quality rough stones capable of being transformed into our finely crafted collections.
  • In 1990, after having journeyed to different parts of the world in search of the finest quality as well as unique gemstones, we finally discovered our second source of natural material in Africa. At that time we mainly exported our final product collections to European and American markets.
  • In 2009, we decided to put our strategy into practice by launching our brand called “KdeCraft” to directly serve our value customers in Thailand by introducing our beautiful collections and promising to deliver the most unique yet precious collections with the very best of our service.

  • Now, we are continuing our journey across the globe in determination to find good sources of valuably rare gemstones for the deliverance of our state-of-arts collections to our customers.

Our Craftmanship

It is the process of production that we highly valued because in order to offer our customers the very best selections of our state-of-arts sculptures, sophisticated craftsmanship and great dedication are needed to achieve a successful production. Only by giving importance to each and every stage of the production process can KdeCraft exceeds customers’ expectation with its intricately crafted products. It is part of our ultimate goal to formulate our inspiration into unique collections, giving a true meaning to our value customers.

How we do it?

It all begins with a little inspiration. Initially, we think about our customers and the symbols to be offered to have them realized what the true value of precious gemstones really is. Such inspiration have derived as we effortlessly searched for the right gemstone material as well as our attempts to grasp the meanings underlying each gemstone type and put it into an implication for our final product.

With the right inspiration found, we continue by letting our proficient designers and expert crafters to select the gems pieces that best match each design collection.

This process of stone selection is one of the most difficult stages of the crafting process because in order to find the right gemstone for the right design we must carefully select the natural material from over 10,000 tons of rough gemstones.

Once proper gemstones for each design have been arranged, each stone piece will undergo the handcrafting process performed by our highly skilled crafters until the process is completed.

The entire production process may range from 2 months up to one year, depending on the intricacy of each design collection.